Ways to Increase Your Organic Reach On Facebook

There has been a lot of talk recently from small business owners who are struggling to reach all their fans on Facebook, this can be for a number of different reasons (which i will go into later)

On average around 20% of fans who have liked your page will be see posts and updates in their news-feed which does frustrate a lot of businesses but the fact is even if your reach is low you are still being seen by the people who are interested and care about the content on your page.

If someone isn’t regularly engaging with your page then Facebook will show them content from other pages instead.

So what can you do to engage with those fans who do see your posts?

Call To Action Posts – Ask your fans a question. So for example if you have just created a new product ask them for feedback or if there are different variations ask them which they prefer. This gets your fans involved in your page and your reach will increase, try and do this on a regular basis.

Bring Out The Old One way to make sure you are still posting when you may not be creating anything new is to re share your old posts. Worried your fans will get bored of seeing the same thing? Don’t be! Chances are that since you last shared you will of had new fans who won’t of seen your previous posts!

– Post When Your Fans Are Online – As a page admin you have access to Insights!! Which provides you invaluable information on your fans such as where they are located, the age range and when they are online, so by posting the majority of your posts when most of your fans are online means that more people will see them. It varies day to day so be sure to check back and keep an eye on any changes. If you aren’t around at that particular time then schedule posts so that you can still take advantage and connect with them.

– Pay To Promote – I’ve came across a few businesses who are against this and don’t feel like they should have to pay to reach more people but if its set up correctly then it can be really beneficial. You can also boost a particular post so if you’ve just launched a new product by clicking ‘boost’ it means that more people will see it which could potentially mean a sale for you!

– Its Not All About Likes – While the like counter going up is a great feeling but if these likes are from fans who are unlikely to ever engage with your page or then it can have the opposite effect. When someone new becomes a fan of your page, Facebook tests your content on a small number of them, if they do engage and interact then it will continue to show content. If they don’t they will essentially become ’empty’ likes which has no benefit to you at all.  Building up your likes slowly will mean that people who are interested in your page see your posts and are more likely to interact with your page.

– Share & Share Alike – Don’t just share your own content. If you also share other things that you think your fans may enjoy such as a quote they’re more likely to engage because they are interested in it and like the post. In some cases it can be the posts that aren’t trying to sell something that get the most engagement. It doesn’t matter if the post is not something to do with your business, the fact that people are interacting with the page means it will encourage Facebook to push everything you post further.

– Reward Your Fans – A great way of increasing your reach is by running a ‘fan of the week’ promotion, so the fan who engages with your page the most by liking, commenting, sharing receives a discount off their next order or a free gift. Or run a competition/giveaway (there are certain rules for facebook on this) and ask fans to like/comment on a post. By making your fans feel valued they are more likely to carrying on interacting with your page.


Facebook was never meant to be a selling platform. Its a Social network so make sure your using it in the right way. Engage with your fans, get to know them and share content that is valuable and relevant. Don’t stress and worry that not every single person is seeing your updates, the ones that matter are!



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